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Today, however, it is a no longer a death sentence and men with HIV live rich and fulfilling lives. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how I grew comfortable sleeping and dating positive men, but it likely had to do with getting drunk and thinking “Screw it!

Still, we continue to perpetuate this culture of fear by using terms like “clean” to describe individuals who are negative, implying that being positive is somehow “dirty.” Or we reply “I don’t f*ck poz guys” the moment after an HIV-positive man messages “Hey! He’s undetectable and I’m on Pr EP.” Then after sleeping with HIV-positive men repeatedly and remaining negative, I began to fully trust science.

He insisted I didn’t require testing, but seeing how anxious I was, he would eventually concede.

The results, not surprisingly, always came back negative.

We understand your need for privacy and discretion. Sure it's fun to look, but why not make the first move? Having a complete profile with photos and a little about yourself increases your chances of meeting others who share your interests. Check out the chat rooms, our new search options, the new matchmaker and more!

1) Black Poz Black Poz is a subsidiary of Positive Singles.

I exist in numerous kink-friendly queer spaces, where it’s not uncommon to meet positive men because these atmospheres in general tend to be more welcoming. They act as if getting HIV is a fate worse than death, and when discussing the virus, they’ll lower their voices as they caution me about my supposed risk, as if by saying the words out loud, I’ll magically acquire HIV.numerous studies which include “thousands of couples and many thousand acts of sex without a condom or pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP)” that confirmed the inability to pass on the virus if the person has an undetectable viral load.

So my inner circle would never outright shame folks living with HIV. In fact, there’s been enough research that on National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in 2017, the CDC declared, “When [antiretroviral treatment] results in viral suppression, defined as less than 200 copies/ml or undetectable levels, it prevents sexual HIV transmission." Put simply, an HIV-positive person can suppress their HIV levels though taking antiretrovirals daily, maintaining an undetectable viral load.

” Living with HIV doesn’t mean that you have to live a life without love.

These websites and even those who aren’t featured on the list are a great way to connect with other like-minded HIV people looking for love, fun and friends.

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Not only is Black Poz a dating site for those living with HIV, but it is also geared towards those who suffer from other none life-threatening STDs like Herpes and HPV.

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