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A hard cap is where adding more of the stat gives you absolutely no benefit, where as a soft cap is a point where the stat provides one solid benefit, but adding more of the stat will grant a further benefit.Breakpoints are very similar to soft caps, however more of a benefit is provided later, but not until the next break point.If you are able to get to what is referred to as the hard cap for expertise then the enemy is no longer able to parry your attacks.

Assuming proper positioning, this is the only expertise cap that a DPS player needs to consider, because when behind an opponent they can not parry anyway so trying to remove their parry chance does no good.The simplest way to explain this is by looking at some made up numbers.If a character can normally attack 5 times over the course of 10 seconds, but if they add 800 haste could attack 6 times, or 1600 haste and attack 7 times, or 2400 haste for 8 attacks in 10 seconds.Most instances and heroic instances that you will fight in will have enemies only 2 levels higher than you are.When in a raid, bosses will all be considered 3 levels higher than you are.

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