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Picpoul does come in red (Picpoul Noir), white (Picpoul Blanc) and pink (Picpoul Gris), but the white variety is most prevalent, which is why Bonny Doon refers to their Picpoul Blanc as simply Picpoul. The area sits in the Salinas Valley 40 miles from Monterey Bay, which brings dense fog and howling winds during the growing season in the Eastern and Central Portions of the AVA.

So this grape is from the Southern Rhone and often is used as a blending grape.We later dinned on the Calamari with a mayo, greek yogurt dip with thyme, lemon juice and lemon zest and the Thai Lemongrass chicken sticks.As I tasted an allegory took hold in my mind, so indulge me as it carries me through my tasting notes. Smoked oysters are not my favorite thing, but paired with the Picpoul they mellow and created a lighter tone for both the oyster and the wines and pulling up a floral note in the wine.Bring a date, and join Kathryn and Sommelier Tara Smith as we start the weekend off right with a night of spicy food and wine.We’re going to tour a few different countries and their signature iconic flavours and dust off some of those spice bottles in the back of your cupboard.

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This couple I really didn’t think would get along and they ended up having a great conversation.

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