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They played in several local clubs and also won several local awards and then finally at the end of 1967, they signed a recording contract with Steeltown Records and their debut single, Big Boy was released on 30th of January 1968. As a married couple, they had three children together.

Dee Dee was married to Tito for 21 years (from 1972-1993) and is the mother of his three sons, Tarryll, Taj, and TJ (also known as the pop group, 3T). For many years, many details surrounding her death and her convicted killer were unknown, but what we’ve now learned is that her death seemed more like a twisted movie drama plot.Dee Dee drowned in Bohana’s swimming pool and her official cause of death was listed as ‘asphyxia due to drowning, alcohol intake, and blunt force traumatic injuries.’ When cops arrived to Bohana’s home in the early morning hours of August 27th, 1994, Dee Dee’s body was completely nude and Bohana (who was also completely nude) had her lifeless body sitting up, propped against a tree in his backyard as he kneeled next to her, according to court documents.Bohana’s account that she became trapped underwater after getting her hand caught somehow in the deep end of his pool and that he’d tried to pull her out, but couldn’t save her in time, conflicted with her injuries and with reports from paramedics’ findings.He began performing in school musical and also in local talent shows.His late brother Michael joined them as a lead singer and won the Amateur Night competition in 1967. Talented Tito was born as Toriano Adaryll Jackson in Gary, Indiana, United States of America to Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson. At the age of 10, Tito broke the string of his father's guitar.

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