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But before the success of ‘Feeler’ catapulted him into the mainstream, Pete’s music career was still very much on the rocks.“It took 42 weeks for ‘Feeler’ to go to number one, so it wasn’t an overnight success by any means,” Pete says.“It was around then that Sony came to me with a deal – it wasn't overnight, things went cold and then got hot again for some reason – and I had to make a decision to sign with a major or remain independent.It was hard because I was really into the independent thing but I felt that Sony were the people that are going to take me as far as I can go.There was, as he knew, no time to anyone to rebut this flagrantly biased "opinion", and there were many protests to the effect that it was, in fact, more of a shameless propaganda slur than a genuine view.The BBC, which always seeks to retain an even-handed approach in such matters, terminated his contract, and his days as a radio star were essentially over.He rose to prominence after the release of his debut full-length album, Feeler, with the title track picked up by Triple J radio station.

“Eight years after it came out I got a random text from Darren Middleton from Powderfinger saying, 'I’ve just been listening to ‘Feeler’, what a great album’.

“I've played the Caloundra Festival years ago, when it was still free,” Pete remembers.

“I was actually double booked; one of my mates had booked me in for a charity show in Brisbane and I didn't want to get out of it, but I explained to him the situation and he organised a helicopter that was involved in the charity gig to fly me up to Caloundra.

“Signing for me though still felt really independent; everything I was doing independently I took to the label and ‘Feeler’ was done the way I wanted to do it, nothing was pushed down my throat and I stood my ground on everything, so I still kept what was real to me and that's probably why ‘Feeler’ came out the way it did and they never told me to do anything after that.” Ten years down the track and Pete Murray is perhaps one the most successful Australian singer/ songwriters of this generation; and the same way he started in Melbourne he’s now emulating in Canada as he starts to engage an overseas touring circuit.

“It’s exactly like starting again,” Pete says about doing the overseas touring thing without the support of a major label behind him.

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