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The following year he won the Academy Award for his work in the The Philadelphia Story which also starred Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Stewart served during World War II and also in the Vietnam War as a pilot, rising to the rank of Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserve, becoming the highest-ranking actor in military history.

nable to tear their eyes off each other, Home and Away stars and real-life lovers, James Stewart and Sarah Roberts are on cloud nine, as you can watch in the video below. When the box came out I thought, ‘Maybe it’s a birthday bracelet’ but Jimmy was nervous, a bit sweaty, and his eyes were watery. [My daughter] Scout is watching movies with princesses marrying princes, so it was a gag for a long time where she’d say, “When are you going to do that?

Their beaming smiles and knowing glances, and a very telling diamond on Sarah’s ring finger, give it all away. 30, at their favourite restaurant – the same place they had their first date – James, or Jimmy as he’s known to friends, proposed. 4, but I wanted to make it a surprise” James, 43, explains. So, I was sitting in this Italian restaurant and I was sweating, but I kept it simple – which made it more real.” In fact, Sarah was convinced Jimmy had something planned for their New York Christmas trip, so when he popped the question, she was shocked.

He also adopted her two children from her previous marriage.

He began his career portraying idyllic and moral characters and established himself as a movie star working with Frank Capra for You Can't Take It with You (1938) and then Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington (1939), which earned him his first of five Academy Award nominations for Best Actor.

Vertigo was unenthusiastically received at its time of release, but has since been reevaluated as an American cinematic masterpiece.

Stewart's other later prominent roles included the comedy-drama Harvey (1950) and the courtroom drama Anatomy of a Murder (1959), both of which landed him Academy Award nominations, and westerns such as The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) and Cheyenne Autumn (1964), both directed by John Ford.

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With the strong morals he portrayed both on screen and in his personal life, Stewart epitomized the "American ideal" in the 20th-century United States.

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