Whites dating blacks in jamaica

Some mixed with the local population, but many formed unions within their race.As a result, Indians form the largest ethnic minority in Jamaica (about 1.5% of the population).British - In 1655 Jamaica was wrested from the Spanish by the British.Most of the early British settlers were English, who set up large sugar and other plantations.Descendants of these immigrants, though few in number, have contributed significantly to the development of trade and commerce in Jamaica.The early generations would often send back to their homelands to find wives.Although 90% of our population is classified as black, it is unlikely that more than a small percentage is of pure African ancestry.

Other Indians came as merchants later in the 20th Century.

Other free immigrants came in the 20th century, also establishing businesses. With widespread immigration to North America in the 1970's, Chinese formed less that 1/2% of the Jamaican population in 1991.

In the 21st century, a fresh wave of Chinese has been coming directly from China, and the Chiney Shop is on the rise again.

Middle Eastern - Lebanese and Syrians came to Jamaica in the late 19th century, and established themselves as merchants of clothing, textiles and other dry goods.

Many of them started out by roving around the country carrying their goods on their backs.

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