What is the game when you are dating

There isn’t a guy out there that doesn’t love the chase, so it’s up to you to give it to him. But for your bluffs to reach maximum effect, you can’t let him know that he might actually have the upper hand.

Many times, a man may say that he plans to spend the night at home, but a review of his social media later reveals another story.

Reward him for good behavior, and ignore bad behavior.

He’s not a dog; it’s not your responsibility to train him to be a good boy.

This behavior is disrespectful and flaky, and the dating experience would be a lot easier if we could clear the field of all the men and women who make the dating experience more confusing and frustrating than it needs to be. ) They say they want a relationship, but they aren’t consistently available to get together with you.

As long as you have a tongue and the capacity for expressive language, it’s extremely easy to utter these words: “I want a relationship.” But thousands – or hundreds of thousands?

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