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Using Pay Pal might even be safer than giving your credit card number or bank account information directly to the website you’re buying from. You keep that information in one place—at Pay Pal—instead of spreading it around everywhere you shop.If something happens, you won’t need to cancel your cards and update all of your automatic billers.It may take up to 72 hours for them to charge your credit card and approve your account.To expedite the process make sure that you include the following information enclosed in your payment.Pay Pal is a favorite tool for sending and receiving money online.It is one of the oldest services available, but whenever you link your financial accounts to an online service, security should be at the top of your mind. For the most part, Pay Pal is safe when you use it to send money.Funding method: For extra protection, it’s a good idea to complete Pay Pal purchases with a credit card (use your card as the funding mechanism—not an "instant transfer" from your bank account, debit card, or Pay Pal balance). If Pay Pal decides not to refund your money, you can try disputing the transaction again with your credit card issuer.

Buyer Protection: Pay Pal’s Buyer Protection program might reimburse you.

When sending your checks and money orders you will need to make it payable to Various Inc.

The complete postal mailing address is given below.

There are some alternative mode of payments that Adult Friend Finder accepts other than online credit card payments.

They also accept payments and money orders payable in US Dollar.

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