Validating tf2 files stuck at 100

Update: While I have been trying hard to solve everyone’s issue with Acer Recovery System, I found that I am no longer able to help since there are too many different situations happen when using the Acer Recovery System.

Therefore from now on, I will NOT answer any problem related to this, since my primary aim of this post is to made Acer’s user to aware of such recovery system, and doesn’t meant for solving problems with the system.

Selecting this option will first see the Acer e Recovery System tries to restore the system from the hidden partition, then you have to restart the computer to initiate the Windows setup.

DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT turn off your PC during Windows setup, even the screen is blank for long time during the setup.

In the HDD that comes with the Acer computer (Windows Vista system, though I would think it’s the same for Windows XP and Windows 7, correct me If I am wrong), there are two visible partitions, namely ACER (C Drive) and DATA (D Drive), and also a hidden partition created by Acer called PQSERVICE.

No worry, get yourself a Ubuntu disc (Linux-based OS), run it live, and copy all your files to D drive or external HDD.

Once your computer turned on, press and hold Alt key, then continuous press F10 button until you see Acer e Recovery System is running (you might need to do it for a couple of times before your system entered Acer e Recovery System, I failed to enter for a few times when I trying it out, not sure why though). If you didn’t do any backup yourself, is your only choice.

Today Valve has updated Steam VR to work with the latest Oculus SDK 0.4.1.

This brings support for the Oculus Rift DK2 for the first time and also enables positional tracking, the much lauded feature that provides a more immersive and comfortable virtual reality experience.

Search for validating tf2 files stuck at 100:

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The setup will eventually finish and your Windows will be ready to use.

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