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Amazon RDS currently supports Multi-AZ deployments for SQL Server using SQL Server Database Mirroring (DBM) or Always On Availability Groups (AGs) as a high-availability, failover solution.In order to deliver a managed service experience, Amazon RDS does not provide shell access to DB instances, and it restricts access to certain system procedures and tables that require advanced privileges.To use these features, we recommend that you install SQL Server on an Amazon EC2 instance, or use an on-premises SQL Server instance.In these cases, the EC2 or SQL Server instance acts as the Reporting, Analysis, Integration, or Master Data Services server for your SQL Server DB instance on Amazon RDS.The following list of DB instance classes supported for Microsoft SQL Server is provided here for your convenience.For the most current list, see the RDS console: https://amazon.com/rds/. Any user who creates a database is assigned to the db_owner role for that database and has all database-level permissions except for those that are used for backups. The following server-level roles are not currently available in Amazon RDS: AWS Services in Scope have been fully assessed by a third-party auditor and result in a certification, attestation of compliance, or Authority to Operate (ATO).Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) If your AWS account has a default VPC, then your DB instance is automatically created inside the default VPC.

You can use Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server databases to build HIPAA-compliant applications.

DB instances running SQL Server can be used inside a VPC.

You can also use SSL to connect to a DB instance running SQL Server, and you can use TDE to encrypt data at rest.

The security group you create depends on what Amazon EC2 platform your DB instance is on, and whether you will access your DB instance from an Amazon EC2 instance.

In general, if your DB instance is on the Connecting to Your DB Instance After creating a security group and associating it to a DB instance, you can connect to the DB instance using any standard SQL client application such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

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