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The second section deals with the more recent advances concerning taxonomy, phylogenetics, population studies, molecular identification, diagnosis and vaccination.DE: animal diseases; diagnosis; ectoparasitoses; genes; identification; phylogenetics; polymerase chain reaction; reviews; taxonomy; vaccination OD: Calliphoridae; Oestridae; Sarcophagidae UP: Diptera; insects; arthropods; invertebrates; animals PU: Elsevier Science Ltd, Oxford, UK IS: 0020-7519 CC: LL822; WW700; YY300; YY700; ZZ360; ZZ900 LA: English DT: Journal article SC: Veterinary Medicine; Medical and Veterinary Entomology He does not know your technical ability.Also, make sure the directory is in fact ON THE SERVER.

Not until I check out your book (page 410), I will lost on what happened. Thanks Hi Tom, I have a project where I have to store documents into the d/base. I was able to load two files: one and one .txt, but when I try to view them, both of them come out garbage-looking. Its development, the lesions it causes and symptoms are described and illustrated.

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Thanks for your help January 01, 2004 - pm UTC well, I would expect the ".doc" to be garbage -- it is a proprietary, binary file format. FT: Sinantropia de los Calliphoridae (Diptera) de Valdivia, Chile. SO: Neotropical Entomology, 2002, Vol.31, No.2, pp.233-239, 40 ref.

It is not for the text, well, show us what is in there -- try something like a script;host echo Hello World Hi Tom, I want to insert the data in the database which are currently in the txt files and look like this(an example): empno: 7369 ename: smith jobid: clerk manag: 7902 hired: 17-dec-80 salar: 800 commi: depno: 20 empno: 7499 ename: allen jobid: salesman manag: 7698 hired: 20-feb-81 salar: 1600 commi: 300 depno: 30 empno: 7521 ename: ward jobid: salesman manag: 7698 hired: 22-feb-81 salar: 1250 commi: 500 depno: 30 empno: 7934 ename: millar jobid: clerk manag: 7782 hired: 23-jan-82 salar: 1300 commi: depno: 10 And then I want to use "Select * from Emp_tab" to query this.(The results should be simiar to normal emp table) Some times ago when I have the similar situation then i use this technique This is the sample data then 1. All praise is due to ALLAH alone, Lord of all the worlds. AB: The objective of this study was to determine synathropic index of adult Calliphoridae (Diptera) collected in the city of Valdivia, Chile (39 deg 48 S; 73 deg 15' W).

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