Updating a view in sql server 2016

This metadata enables the client-side APIs to implement updatable client-side cursors.

Browse-mode metadata includes information about the base table that the columns in the result set belong to.

For more information, see FROM (Transact-SQL) and SELECT (Transact-SQL).

If the new table or view structure changes, the view must be dropped and re-created.VIEW_METADATA Specifies that the instance of SQL Server will return to the DB-Library, ODBC, and OLE DB APIs the metadata information about the view, instead of the base table or tables, when browse-mode metadata is being requested for a query that references the view.Browse-mode metadata is additional metadata that the instance of SQL Server returns to these client-side APIs.For example, a view can be used for the following purposes: Is the name to be used for a column in a view.A column name is required only when a column is derived from an arithmetic expression, a function, or a constant; when two or more columns may otherwise have the same name, typically because of a join; or when a column in a view is specified a name different from that of the column from which it is derived.

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