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"Step by step, the longest march Can be won, can be won; Single stones will form an arch One by one, one by one And, by Union what we will Can be accomplished still Drops of water turn a mill, Singly none, singly none." -from the cover page of the Constitution of the American Miners' Association, 1864Data are like drops of water. Only once they are organized, with purpose, do they take on significance.This proposal seeks to rectify the oversight by catalogers to include information about a small but important item of published data - the union label, or "bug [1] ".The United Typothetae of America (UTA) was founded to represent the interests of printshop owners in response to the outrageous demand by the ITU for a nine-hour day in the late 1880's.In 1899 the UTA passed a resolution deprecating the use of the union label by its members and encouraged them to stop putting the label on work produced in their shops.The dawn of modern printing occurred during the 1880's, when photoengraving and rotary presses made their debut.By the 1890's the production improvements included linotype machines, electric drives, and automatic paper feeders.[6] By the late 1900's a series of mergers consolidated many of the unions.The Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union (LPIU) was formed in 1964 when the International Photo Engravers Union of North America (IPEUNA) and the ALA merged, and in 1972 the LPIU merged with the International Brotherhood of Bookbinders (IBB) to become the Graphic Arts International Union (GAIU), whereupon the locals involved added a "-M" (signifying "merged") to their GAIU bug number.

[6.5] Ten years later the IPGCU merged with the GAIU to form the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU) [7] , and in 1987 the ITU, suffering from declining membership in the face of dramatic technological changes, joined forces with the Communication Workers of America (C. As of 2007 more than 60,000 GCIU members in the United States are part of the Graphic Communications Conference (GCC).Arts festivals in 45 countries are invited to register on the Festival It aims to be Europe’s up-to-date, insightful, and complete searchable database that brings the arts to the attention of audiences worldwide.The International Stereotypers' and Electroplater's Union (IS&EU) was formed in 1902.By the time the International Photoengraver's Union (IPEU) was formed in 1904 four separate unions represented the portion of the printing trade outside the composing room.

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