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She wants to be on TV and be an actress, so the exposure is good,” said the source.Season 11’s 25 suitors had to vote for Nilsson or Bristowe to become the official Bachelorette on Night 1 and Nilsson lost, leaving her devastated.She lets it sink in for a bit before thanking him for the opportunity.Then he walks her out, gives her a big hug and sends her on her away for her second sad sack limo ride.

Edit With the casting of Lilley, executive producer Ken Corday admits that seeing the actress’ work on General Hospital helped with the casting of the actress in the role of Theresa.

She has no qualms about crying her eyes out in the limo again and doubting all her life choices again and convincing herself that she will ever find love again.

Never forget that after years of Bachelor finales, Chris is well trained in the art of vagueness, so it should come as no surprise that he told Kaitlyn of her victory like so: Chris assured her that she was a bit shocked, but otherwise fine. Aug 13, 1: But behind the immaculate doors of the television home was a real-life family who was just as wholesome.

However, Toops, who voted for Nilsson to stay, quit on Bristowe halfway through her first Rose Ceremony to follow his heart.

Toops asked host Chris Harrison to help him get in touch with Nilsson because he genuinely wanted to pursue dating her.

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There were some reasons for Britt to come back to Washington DC. We know she is very hush-hush when it comes to her personal life.

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