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So, today we’re asking: Have you ever left your tent behind after a festival?

Kotone Kaneko doesn't have any real friends who she can trust, and when her so called "friends" turn on her due to an unpaid debt, Kotone can do nothing but run.

Once again, it was the artist's idea to partake in this year's jam and as always, she puts unnecessary stress on herself for doing these, especially cause she's literally doing everything now;;;;;; For the sake of yuri!!!

We hope you enjoy this kinetic novel and be sure to check out our previous ones!

We were not expecting that we would come across the best breakfast we’ve ever experienced. I had the two egg breakfast with the Polish Sausage.

Thus at the beginning of the work the two soloists are standing as far apart from each other as possible: the percussion downstage left, behind the celli, and the oboe off stage right.This work was commissioned by the BBC for Evelyn Glennie and Nicholas Daniel.It was an exciting challenge to write a dramatic work for two such dissimilar instruments.ELECTRIC PICNIC IS well underway in Stradbally, Co Laois, with nearly 60,000 people expected to attend the festival over the weekend.Last year, a number of bulldozers were brought in to clear thousands of leftover tents and personal belongings left at the festival’s campsites.

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