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Visit Gordon's website at https:// an interview featuring Coach Matt Lisle and his thoughts on giving athletes permission to fail in order to help them succeed and that sparked the thoughts shared in this episode.Playing to win, playing to not to lose, and how that relates to fear based "motivation" vs the alternative. Enjoy and also check out the article I'm referencing at https://io/permission-to-fail-how-to-help-young-athletes-succeed-7b5525752e12I have a 2017 grad and a daughter scheduled to graduate in 2019.Who would've thought that I'd be filling out a FAFSA for a new college student in 2018?

Athlete's attitudes aren't the only ones that matter.We shall see where this goes 🙂Such great discussions and insights shared today on FB on this exact topic.I'm bringing some thoughts here for you to ponder and reflect on as you aim to have a powerfully positive impact in our world :)Lefty catcher, Olympic Gold Medalist, and NPF Champion, Jenny Topping, joins us for an amazing discussion on ...They believe that conversations of courage can take place over a simple cup of coffee on the day of a game, match, performance, recital or meet.In this episode, we touch upon why Gameday coffee got started, Muhammad Ali, karate, the concept of TIME and how much we really have (or don't), family matters, fathers and the staggering statistic that moved Rene and is a big part of his WHY for being involved with the mission at Gameday Coffee.

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