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People like [international electronic-dance DJs] Tiësto, London, David Guetta and Justice.It’s inspiring that they write entirely different music, but the meat and potatoes are the same.Join us and @annetdonahue to discuss High School, plus you get a pre-signed copy of the book and a photo with us!

On standing out Tegan: “Even before people knew us as Tegan and Sara, we were stared at and studied. It started with being twins and then being gay and then being musicians, so we’ve had 32 years of dealing with being fringe people.” 4. ’ But actually the songs were easier to write, because I was in a healthy space and wasn’t writing out of necessity, but for the pure love of it.We’re juxtaposing the pop sound with our deepest and most emotional work.I’m fascinated to see how people respond.” Sara: “Working with different artists who have different esthetics influenced us.You want lyrics that people connect to and melodies that knock them off their feet.” 8.On working with a sister Tegan: “We both strive for more, have very high standards and want to impress each other.

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