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Salah satu yang menghebohkan adalah kabar pacaran antara Taeyeon SNSD dengan Baekhyun EXO. Baca Juga : Jeon Somi Keluar dari JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young: Agensi Kami Punya Peraturan Kemudian pada September 2015, pasangan ini dikabarkan telah mengakhiri hubungan asmara tersebut. ID dari Pann, seorang netizen nampaknya belum dengan putusnya pasangan ini.

ID - Kabar kencan pasangan idol Korea menjadi salah satu kabar yang cukup menarik perhatian.

SM Entertainment's first official couple, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and EXO's Baekhyun, have ended their relationship.

On the 15th, insiders close to the two stars revealed that the two have decided to stop dating and just have a senior-junior relationship.

The cause for their breakup was revealed to be because of their busy schedules, causing the two to drift apart.

In March, Taeyeon secretly attended one of EXO's concert's in Seoul, showing her affection towards him.

The two are three years apart in age; Taeyeon was born in 1989 and Baekhyun was born in 1992.

Taeyeon debuted in 2007 with SNSD, while Baekhyun debuted with EXO in 2012.

She was mocking the fans." I wanted to say this because there seem to be a lot of people thinking that: I never meant it that way and that was never my objective..she's not apologizing about that.the reason some fans are upset is because they felt they were being "made fun of" or "played around with".The reason why some felt that way was because many articles and media implicated that she posted pictures on her instagram that hinted* she was dating exo baekhyun and sort of toyed around with her instagram followers.She's apologizing BECAUSE some of the fans took it that way and explaining that she didn't meant it in any way like that and wasn't her objective for posting those pictures.I'm sure there are many idiots who are writing mean comments just because they're dating but this apology isn't for them.

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"Dua orang bertemu dengan EXO dan Taeyeon di MBC, kemudian Baekhyun dan Taeyeon memegang sepatu Y Sneakers dan memposting sepatu desain mereka adalah sebuah bukti?

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