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If you are a grower, you can share your experience through pictures and funny stories.It is also a fun way to chat with other 420-friendly people from all over the world.There doesn't seem to be as many active users, and I did notice an odd graphical glitch on Android, but it's still grams of fun.Once logged in, using either your email or Facebook account, you can add pictures and include a witty bio full of innuendos to showcase your inner pothead.If you happen to live in an area where marijuana is legalized or there are no strict rules on activities and events, take part in 420-friendly events like festivals, outdoor activities, marijuana-themed tours, cooking classes, and more.As marijuana gains more and more acceptance, now is a better time than ever to ask them their stance on marijuana reform.

A few boats had bites first thing but we didn’t get that lucky. Continue reading Today was a little on the slow side for us. Try to create a situation where you need to ask for a lighter such as lighting a candle or starting a grill.Lighters can reveal a lot of information because a stoner’s lighter often has resin on the end of it.You are in the right place because the best methods to find the best stoner friends ever are listed here: You may get the opportunity to meet someone through a personal friend or acquaintance who happens to use marijuana.Often, the people who are closest to you such as a family member, best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or neighbor knows someone who loves to smoke pot.

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People who are like-minded and love getting stoned will approach you and may want to have a conversation.

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