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Before Ms Klobuchar took the stage, the chairman of the Rye Democrats thanked “Mr Philbrick for letting us use the bank’s parking lot”, and asked how many people had children who played basketball in the gym (a lot of hands went up).

Asked which candidate he favours, Mr Drake will not be drawn.

Somehow this ethos has produced a profusion of government.

New Hampshire has 424 state legislators, or one for every 2,557 residents of voting age (if California used the same ratio, it would have a 11,920-person legislature).

The bedrock political entity is the town rather than the county or region and, as in much of New England, town Boards of Selectmen—in effect, powerful city councils—make virtually all political decisions.“I made a conscious decision to be neutral in the primary,” he explains.The 2016 primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fractured friendships, and “bad feelings” lingered in 2008 between supporters of Mrs Clinton and Barack Obama.On a recent presidential-election map, southern New Hampshire is solidly Republican.Republicans outnumber Democrats in 34 of Rockingham’s 37 towns.

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