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By the way, there are some Mac OS X users who are using out-of-support versions, too, meaning they are also vulnerable to never-going-to-be-fixed security holes.Net Applications’ stats show that just under 1% of all desktops are running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion) or 10.8 (Mountain Lion), which are no longer receiving security updates from Apple.But if you still haven’t got around to replacing your out-of-support versions, don’t forget that this month brings you a blast from the past: old-school Patch Tuesday updates.It’s a long time since there was a Patch Tuesday for XP and 2003, so dust off your old notes, remind yourself how to do it, and get busy!So many users and organisations were still so stuck in the XP rut that Microsoft relented just a few weeks later, publishing yet another “goodbye, farewell and Amen” update for XP at the start of the next month.

Usually the settings for Updating are centrally managed and deployed.

You should now find the Secondary location is editable.

In April, Microsoft retired its long serving Windows XP operating system.

Wanna Cry was a ransomware attack that automatically wormed its way across the internet by exploiting a vulnerability in Windows file sharing.

Even though the bug behind Wanna Cry was patched in March 2017, details of how to exploit it were revealed soon afterwards by a hacking crew called Shadow Brokers, and the self-spreading Wanna Cry malware followed soon after.

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Microsoft therefore did the world a favour – and that’s what it was, no matter how you look at it – by retrofitting the patch for XP and making the update available to everyone.

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