Sims 2 gba intimidating mummy

Once upstairs, the camera will swivel around to show you your new place. If you're successful, it'll say something about you gaining Friendly 1 with Mr. Dusty leaves to run some errands and Daddy B harasses you a bit more on the phone.

Daddy Bigbucks calls you and says: "This is your house, _____. It's always nice to have a tough friend to watch your back in a new town." Dusty waves and comes running over. He tells you about socials and how you can unlock more and level them up.

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(They will be checked off as you complete them.) A new point has appeared. This is a great town, I'm sure you'll be glad your moved here." Daddy Bigbucks walks you through a bit of the conversation stuff, but not much.

Simple enough, head up the stairs and see what awaits. To be successful in the Friendly conversation that you're forced to have with Dusty, just use the entertain option until the plumbob fills up entirely.

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