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Doughty said he never would’ve been able to handle that kind of attention without getting rude. A player who is known for saying just about anything to the press to gain attention. Crosby is doing just fine, notwithstanding the haters.

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Like many folks, you have questions about Sidney Crosby. Still, the Deke has a job to do so here are the semi-delusional answers to 24 questions about Sidney Crosby. But as superstars go, Sidney Crosby is one of the more admirable ones.

He strikes me as someone that doesn’t need to live a lavish lifestyle.Even if the Capitals knock the Penguins out tonight, he still has 2 Cups and he still is a lock for the Hockey HOF. Of course, there will be the nagging ‘what if’ among fans and media for years to come if he retires, the same one that plagues me from time to time when I think about Mario Lemieux’s career.I look at Lemieux’s 1.88 points/game, which includes the tail end of his career when he was essentially a human version of one of those inflatable advertising guys that dance around, trying to draw fan interest to the team, and wonder where he could have ended up on the all-time scoring list.Just as Lemieux made the choice to retire because of his debilitating back issues, Sidney Crosby must deal with something perhaps even more scary and pressing than that.Backs are primarily a structural issue; they can be fixed with surgeries that may seem draconian, but still preserve a quality of life for the patient.

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In reality, Crosby’s nickname comes from an…well, he told this story in 2005. Drew Doughty told an interesting story about Crosby.

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