Sheryl crows dating furniture maker

David Baerwald and Keving Gilbert were both accomplished, and critically-acclaimed, record-makers themselves.

And Wyn Cooper was a great poet…if largely undiscovered until “All I Wanna Do” came along.

Until, of course, “the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard” when the cycle begins all over again.“All I Wanna Do” is one of those intriguing songs which asks more questions than it answers.

In Wyn Cooper’s poem, he brings the story to a close in the “missing” verses.Baerwald, Gilbert and Bottrell were founder members of an informal songwriting group which called itself the Tuesday Night Music Club.Sheryl Crow joined the collective whilst dating Kevin Gilbert — and “Tuesday Night Music Club” would go on to become the title of Sheryl Crow’s multi-platinum breakthrough album in homage to those gatherings.There’s a little bit of rhythm guitar here and there and some pedal steel as well.But “All I Wanna Do” is a pretty stripped-down track, musically speaking.

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