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The only way they would allow all of the scammers, predators, and prostitutes on there is if they were directly profiting from it. Obviously if you found your match, you would leave the site...keep you away from the people you are most compatible with. Meetme is the first Free dating site where most everybody is polite and friendly. It's mostly men looking to see who will easily meet them up for sex.

Most real men I got messages from were far too young than what I'm seeking.

And there is an option to change notifications, if I log into my account that does not exist or change password, the form doesn't work. My account was pretty successful and never once got a warning (no "if you keep doing this you'll be banned" messages prior).

And all I get is youth ladies texting me their text phone number. A friend that I luckily passed my email too, checked and said my page is completely gone.

Be warned it's against the law and federal crime. I have tried sending emails and calling the number.

Another thing, the restrictor settings do not work.

I said I only wanted people locally to my zip code and ages 27 - 42.

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