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No dating your friend's girl before, during, or after their relationship.

Certain countries are known to be high risk in regard to dealing via internet dating sites.

The Earth is 7,000 Years Old While there has been no official statement made by the LDS church stating the age of the planet, many Mormons believe that planet earth is thousands of years old as opposed to the billions of years that is widely accepted by the world of science.

This is also a belief held by creationist scientists.

Those who believe in a younger planet earth point to examples from the Mount Saint Helens eruption and carbon dating inconsistencies.(1)In placing a huge emphasis on the family and taking care of one another, it doesn’t seem surprising that there are approximately 7 million Mormons in the United States and it is the fastest growing religion in North America.(2)In emphasizing family values and involving people in communities, non-Mormons can largely relate to these central aspects of Mormon beliefs.

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Moreover, This does not exclude some disagreements between certain branches (e.g.

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