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A former Grade 4 Maple Ridge teacher who used the school's phone to make late-night calls to sex chat lines, and used school computers to access porn, has been found guilty of professional misconduct. An investigation was launched in 2013 after a female co-worker discovered her school laptop had been used to access swingers' websites.

The co-worker was worried students were responsible for the inappropriate use.

Her bill would establish a new, independent, non-partisan regulator on the sale and display of magazines which are not currently "top shelf", she said.

But Ms Watkinson said that while the bill was "well intentioned", she opposed its purpose to bring in a government regulator.

"They are not victims - these women are paid for their services and surely must take some responsibility for their involvement." Toplessness She said the introduction of a lifestyle magazine for teenage boys could "reduce any curiosity" they might have for "these grossly unsuitable publications".

While such magazines were aimed at men in their 20s she fears they are available to children as young as eight.

Many were being sold alongside comics like the Beano and the Dandy despite containing pornographic articles, she said.

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