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I used to find this fascinating earlier but have been there done that and now I don’t feel that urge anymore you will look for more meaning full relationship not necessary in relationships, you might find meaning in doing something meaningful such as creating a new business or a developing new hobby and move on from all these temporary things which do get monotonous after a point like any other thing.But ya sometimes one might feel like going back to it after a while the frequency will reduce and the fun decreases.Well I don’t want to reveal all the exact places where you can find them according to this categorization but yeah the cheapest are the ones which you will find out side of the stations at secluded places of famous railway stations that’s all I am saying if you are a group of guys you get group discounts and yes stay smart in bargain they come very cheap and low class and you might not want go to them again but hygiene wise you need to have sense and not smooch or finger them and they will take you to places near kamathipura and those places can seem to be a bit sidey at first but they are safe don’t forget these are professionals and follow a rule books and respect the policy of customer safety first be it a red light area or a dance bar (service bar) they understand the fact that this business runs only if the customer is make to feel safe else they will have no business.So it’s not like they are the best of the people, but they understand these basics of business.But in Mumbai it’s easy its safe you just need to be wise and smart to judge people and situations. Not only in Mumbai, but the rules are also relaxed in Navi Mumbai.But after all the experience and the knowledge of where and how things work these days need not be the same five years down the line and this scenario was not the same 5 to 10 years ago and places keep changing and bars which once used to do that have stopped doing it.But the market is still on and the business is still going on as thy find different and new ways.After all the people you meet and after all the fun that you had there comes a point where this sort of fun will not excite you anymore and one gets bored of it.

When you call, you need to talk to the point smartly and eventually you will know if whom you have called is genuine or fake.I am here not talking about the brothels and getting girls through pimps which mostly the newbies do. Which gave me a much fair idea about the inside reality and PR capabilities of mine.I got addicted to alcohol and sex at the same time, ruining everything possibly I could have.Generally you will have to mention a pickup point where they will come in an auto and you can sit in that same auto with them pay the auto walla the tip and will take you to the location where you have to take her or in case you don’t have a place if you pay some extra 500 to 600 bucks they will arrange a place for you.These things should be made clear on the phone call itself.

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Now, going after the background I had in this field I'll proceed with what this question demands. I got busted quite a times by the police was lucky enough to escape with the PR capabilities as I said.

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