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Again, private companies can do what they want, but if there are ever competing social spaces, I'll go to the one that addresses it in some way.I don't think you're adequately considering the other person's perspective.So the phone version can't create picture links, but I guess that's for the best in this case.I was just reading a post about people saying that interacting with people in vr have the same reactions to things as they would in real life.Should we really have the attitude that it's fine for people to walk around and harass others, because they can be blocked? I mean, any company can do what they want with their own product, but I wish Altspace would be more proactive on this kind of stuff.If a bunch of dudes want to stand around and do fake bong hits and pretend the vive controllers are dicks, whatever, but there are way too many people who go around and actively harass other groups, and it's a pain to block them.But for many women, there are negative associations with the arm.Often creepy dudes, dudes looking for sex and little else, will put their arms around women at bars//clubs//etc as a sort of power play.

There are other applications and there will be niche chatrooms for people who want to touch without permission.

I think most cyber bullying can be avoided because the bully can easily be blocked or muted.

This is true for altspacevr as well, so is it really a problem?

There will eventually be rooms that are akin to the old sex chat rooms, in the meantime the public rooms should be safe for everyone.

The key will be when a female is harassed and blocks someone, every other decent human in the room needs to block that person also.

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