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” moments that make us gasp or laugh or realize something brand-new and damaging about the intended target. Our current millennium has seen the battle-record tradition laid by the Kool Moe Dees, LL Cool Js, DJ Quiks and KRS-Ones of the world carried forth in exciting (and, sometimes, dangerous) directions.At its worst, however, the diss track can fuel violence, the still-unsolved murders of Notorious B. Titans Jay-Z and Nas got the decade off to a scorching start, dropping two of the best diss songs of an era in short order.Robin Williams Paramore singer Hayley Williams is friends with the Cyrus family, but I doubt they would ever want to appear on a Disney Channel show because they want people to think of them as a real band and take them seriously. There's no way Star fire and Robin could Break up, Unless... The cast of How to Bake It in Hollywood - 2013 includes: Steelo Brim as Guest Star Meghan Camarena as Guest Star Chelsea Chanel Dudley as Celebrity Guest Echo Kellum as Guest Star Kathryn Mc Cormick as Herself - Celebrity Guest Tammin Sursok as Herself - Celebrity Guest The cast of Hei bai san - 1971 includes: Peng Chang Han Chang Hu Kuang Chao Chiang as (Guest star) Su Han as (Guest star) Kang Ho Ming Lei Chiang Li Hung Lieh Chen as (Guest star) Li Meng Hsiao Pao Ko as (Guest star) You Pin Liu Chien Tsao as (Guest star) Yin Tze Pan Su Wei as (Guest star) The cast of Portrait of a Star - 2013 includes: Detmar Blow as Guest David Dorney as Guest Jan Dorny as Guest Martin Glyn Murray as Master of Ceremonies Aisling Hughes as Star Megan Ireland as Guest Rowan Jacqueline Beckett as Guest Tuppence Middleton as Narrator Lindy Pieri as Guest Natasha Tomcic as Guest The cast of Chuo tou zhuang yuan - 1974 includes: Chih Chen Di Chin Hou Chun Hsia as (Guest star) Yi Feng Helen Hsiao as (Guest star) Feng Huang as (Guest star) Samuel Hui Kun Li Xingbo Liang Tony Liu as (Guest star) Wei Lo as (Guest star) Fei Lung Chen Wah Lung Szema Angela Mao Nora Miao Ping Ou Wei Dean Shek Ni Tien Feng Tien Mi Tien as (Guest star) James Tien as…Former rap star Vanilla Ice was hauled off to jail last night after allegedly assaulting his wife for the second time.The hip-hop diss track can trace its roots all the way back to playing the dozens.At its best, a diss track can offer memorable one-liners that fans will remember forever—those “oh, snap! A smart, witty and precise takedown of a rival MC—over a proper beat and accompanied by some sly cover-art imagery, of course—can boost a career. It can crush your career and ruin your respectability.In 2004 he was charged £110 in impounding fees when his pet wallaroo and goat escaped and were found by animal control officers.

The fast success of his debut album made him sign a contract with SBK Records where the song ‘Hooked’ was remixed.

And various crew beefs involving Roc-A-Fella, Murder Inc., G Unit/Shady/Aftermath, Cash Money/Young Money and the Clipse gave unforgettable rewind-worthy moments in lieu of unity.

Here, in chronological order, takes a look at some of the hot lines—and crossed lines—from 25 of the greatest diss tracks from the year 2000 and beyond.

He sold 15 million copies of the single "Ice, Ice Baby" in 1990.

Robert Matthew Van Winkle “Vanilla Ice” is an American actor, rapper and television host from Dallas.

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His 1990 single ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was his first hip-hop single to top the Billboard charts.

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