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Of 160 pregnancies, 118 persisted successfully to live birth, but 42 ended in early pregnancy loss.

The incidence of early abortion was significantly higher in the `poor' group (33.7%) than in the `good' group (14.5%) ( 0.05) but not for serum progesterone and oestradiol concentrations or progesterone:oestradiol ratio.

The epithelium contains mitotic cells and increase in tortuosity in the mid and late proliferative phase.

The stromal edema is most marked at the mid-proliferative phase.

The inactive, prepubertal endometrium shows a cuboidal to low columnar epithelium that lines the surface and the underlying glands.

In conclusion, our data suggest that the hysteroscopic appearance of the mid-secretory endometrium at this stage of the menstrual cycle is a better prognostic factor for pregnancy outcome than hormonal data.

The endometrium of the secretory phase is morphologically and functionally well-prepared for implantation and the early development of the fertilized ovum.

These authors demonstrated that the assessments of the mid-secretory endometrium could be classified as `good', characterized by ring-type glandular openings showing maximum glandular secretion and well-developed varicose-like vessels, or `poor', characterized by dot- (no secretory) and/or punctate-type (early secretory activity) glandular openings and fine vasculature and that, in IVF and embryo transfer cycles, the pregnancy rate was significantly higher in patients with `good' hysteroscopic findings than in patients with `poor' findings.

In this context, it was felt to be of interest whether or not the hysteroscopic appearance of the endometrium is associated with early pregnancy loss as well as with implantation failure of fertilized ovum.

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