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Introduction In recent years many books have been written, workshops and courses run on the very real issues of childhood trauma and abuse.

In my work over the last thirty years with clients, and also from my own personal experience, the major question has been how someone who is so dysfunctional in their relationships, can live their daily work life often quite unperturbed.

I eventually found that my own disorder and dysfunction pre-dated childhood trauma and the fractal, or pattern of dysfunction came from the pre and perinatal period.

The trauma happened before I was born, in the first trimester, during the first three months of life in the womb.

The compassion fatigue so many of us experience when working with disturbed clients can trigger deep unresolved trauma and cause illness on very subtle levels.

Our resistance to the awareness of our own vulnerability is a factor that is often a barrier to the healing that can be so beneficial and this is part of the self care that psychotherapists need.

He was the first British psychiatrist to recognise the importance of trauma at birth and before birth in the development of personality.

These cause the transmarginal stress, beyond the point of bearing, and dissociation, that may arise during the nine months of gestation in the womb.

Preborns feel sense and remember even though the brain is not fully developed (Chamberlain, 1998).

Pre and Perinatal Psychotherapy uses the ‘psychology of the preborn’ but fits into the Humanistic and Integrative approach by integrating many of the evolving techniques of the last century.

Many of us live this model the wrong way round, so often trying to be accepted through achieving – Frank labelled this as the depressive way of living and the more serious the trauma the more depressed and damaged the individual would be.

I believe that integrating the work of childhood trauma, healing the inner child and the traumas that pre-date this, are vital when dysfunction is still apparent.

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By addressing the energetic, physical, psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual impact on the human organism and exploring the positive and negative life scripts from this primal time, it helps discover imprints that directly affect our responses, behaviour and personality.

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