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(I am not sure if your readers know about Second City – it’s a comedy theater that creates social and political satire through sketch comedy and many of its alumni end up doing cool things: Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Chris Farley, etc, etc.) The show was so smart and funny I loved it and wanted to perform on that stage.

“Also, on a more embarrassing note, I loved the first Austin Powers movie and thought it would be really fun to work on a project like that.” “My family, our neighbors, my community and my teachers.

Do you hope that women, through the power of the hilarity of Target Women, will start to realise just how demented a lot of targeted marketing is?

, from Salon and Jezebel right down to personal blogs and Facebook; to what extent do you praise the internets (if at all) for their ability to spread information – and, thus, boost your profile – in such a massive way?

That’s a general comedy thing, though: you need to make your own material.” “Of course I read it.

In the future it will seem like a relic of another age that didn’t get it.

– info Mania “puts a comedic spin on the 24-hour chaos and information overload brought about by the constant bombardment of the media”; Target Women puts a bitch slap on the media for eroding the feminist movement. I wanted to do an on-air piece for info Mania, which, at the time I started, was expanding into a half-hour show.

you can certainly attest to the amount of laughs incited by penis humor.

Guys have been at it for years — making their junk front-page news and a long-time center of comedy.

Of all the “online sensations” that the internets have birthed, few will be worthy of our attention in the years to come – hell, most are forgotten within weeks, destined to crop up in “Remember When…” features about You Tube superstars and people who penned angry bulk emails about the spaghetti stains in the office microwave and then sent it to the UN, or whatever.

But there are some people who have been brought to our attention thanks largely to the wonders of ‘new media’, and for that we must be eternally grateful – one such “discovery” is Sarah Haskins.

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Sarah Haskins was born on August 3, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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