Rules for dating a flight attendant

First and foremost, the hotels are not as posh and the pilots are not that young nor cute. The truth of the matter for me is that, when I meet someone for the first time, I often dread the "What do you do? When I disclose my job, I find that the conversation quickly begins to revolve around into their personal airplane stories and a endless barrage of questions that I have answered numerous times before.When it comes to a potential mate knowing my occupation, the only upside of such a line of questioning is that very quickly I'm usually able to distinguish between the womanizers, leeches and perverts simply by the questions they ask first.While there are some crazy suggestions on the internet about dating a flight attendant, there are websites and other flight crew blogs that give some pretty truthful tips as well.Whatever motivations men or women may have about dating a flight attendant.Over the past few years, while the flight attendant edition of the dating game has been fun at times, it does get a bit frustrating.It's gotten so frustrating that I haven't really wanted to blog about it.Others are turned on by the possibility that I may not be around as much as a normal woman (players).

George and I are finally catching up on the latest developments of my love life.

There are those who understand a job is just a job. (..maybe it's me with the issues...hmmmm) Dating in itself is challenge for anyone.

Dating as a flight attendant has a new layer of challenges, but also it has different opportunities as well.

Others have mates who don't like to travel and I personally, don't understand how they do it. So reflecting on my own adventures and misadventures, lately I've been throwing the frogs back into the pond as quickly as possible.

I'm also learning how to master the rules of the dating game.

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But, it doesn't mean we are flighty (no pun intended) nor against commitment.

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