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Start the new year right and treat yourself with some new dinnerware.Order or more and we pay your UPS ground shipping*.This is the alphabetically sorted index of all locations in the region of Bavaria that are listed so far. Please locate the town or city you are looking for and then check the company names which are offset to the right. And the best thing about this is: if you do not like what you ordered, simply send it back within 100 days and we issue a refund."Consumer articles and objects of art have only maintained their cultural and material value over the centuries if they were designed as contemporary objects of their era – but never as imitations.A unique corporate culture has developed upon these foundations – shaped by design and the encounter with art and culture – stretching from product development to brand image and architecture to the corporate CI and the promotion of cultural a fascinating subject, steeped in history, culture, and art.

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Any piece of British jewelry made prior to 1999 was required to include what is known as a date letter stamp, a letter corresponding to the year that it was registered with the assay office.

Assay offices are official governmental establishments who are tasked to assay, or test, the purity of jewelry metals and in some cases, to hallmark the jewelry.

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