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It is way more fun to play around with all the guys, but eventually (unfortunately) you do have to settle down with one.Some other important things that effect your end-game results are what you choose to do on the weekends.Usually these events cost money, but there is at least one where you can gain friendship with Penny without having to pay anything.The advantage of choosing to hang out with Slurpy is that it will help you get the alternative/gag ending.The story itself, is a little bit like a Cinderella story.

I apologize to everyone who was looking for their CG's. In case you have problems with the "Love 365" app, click on the sidebar in the game and then on "Error Info", to see if the problem is one that Voltage is currently working on.2 – You know who loves to get up at the crack of dawn? 2 – Tell her no, you want to keep your schedule open.ANY 1 – Alright give me a minute to get ready ANY WEEKEND: ANY (Hang out with Penny preferred as she will be annoyed that you did not pick up Phil from airport) 1 – I’ll take a look 1 – I was gonna go anyway ANY WEEKEND: ANY (Tutor for cash preferred as you will have only depending on whether or not you hung out with your roommates last weekend) 1 – Oh why not 1 or 2 3 – Look, he’s kind of a goofball but he has a big heart 2 – Listen 1 – Jack off 1 – Alright Ian WEEKEND: ANY (Hanging out preferred) ANY WEEKEND: ANY (Path diverges here: Picking 1 – Maybe a bit, 1 – Why don’t you show me, 1 – Hell yes, 2 – Remove briefs will result in a sex scene with Ian but will cut off his full ending, no matter what choices you make after the scene happens.ANY 2 – I may have borrowed a dildo ANY (If you pick 2, you can pick ANY at the second prompt.If 1, proceed to next step) WEEKEND: ANY (Studying or tutoring preferred.) 2 – Study for the love of Christ 1 – Can you guys handle this?

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