Roaming profiles not updating windows 7

— Update 2017-12-15 — I think Roaming Profiles are now deprecated.I will be moving all my users to Local Profiles supplemented by User Experience Virtualisation (UE-V) over the next 12 months. — I have recently been imaging Microsoft Surface 3 computers for use by staff in a school.To configure RTAV video resolution, do the following: If you intend to use the Real-Time Audio-Video feature, then disable USB redirection of audio and video so it is instead accessed through the optimized virtual channel.RTAV and USB Redirection do not apply to Remote Desktop Session Host.If Persona, create one file share for each operating system and bitness: The following procedure works for any of the profile and redirection folders listed in the file shares summary except for the UEMConfig folder.Lieven D’hoore has VMware Horizon View – Script to create Persona Management Repositories, Shares and Permissions.From Chris Halstead VMware User Environment Manager (UEM) – Part 1 – Overview / Installation and VMware Deployment Guide VMware User Environment Manager Deployed in 60 Minutes or Less: User Environment Manager is configured in a separate console application. From You Tube video User Environment Manager 9.6 What’s New Overview: This section does not apply to Remote Desktop Session Hosts or Instant Clones.If you are using User Environment Manager with Mandatory profiles then skip this section.

You will need separate profile configurations for each Horizon Agent type (virtual desktops, RDS, operating system version, operating system bitness, etc.) Each profile configuration needs a different GPO.

Most of the User Environment Manager GPO settings are user settings, not computer settings.

Note: UEM 9.1 can also work without Active Directory (Group Policy); see VMware 2148324 Configuring advanced UEM settings in No AD mode for details.

For Client-to-Agent redirection, edit a GPO that applies to the Horizon Clients.

Edit the Horizon Agent Non-Admin Users GPO, and configure the settings detailed at https://

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