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If not, pick ideas from product reviews from the creators and compare it with the general public perception.

The internet should be your friend in this exercise.

As you would imagine, weight loss, infant health, sexual health, dieting, pregnancy issues, fitness and many others could come under the broader health niche.

On the other hand, micro niche sites basically focus on a specific category or topic.

It should be professionally done with strong sales copy that gets the buyer to take action.

Money-back guarantees and other such things should be visibly available.

Responsibilities: Maintaining the office filing system; filing and tracking general departmental documents.

Providing assistant to staff with daily office tasks.

Scroll through the various designs to choose a suitable one. Affiliate disclosure: Because you’ll be promoting products, you’ll need a page to indicate that on the site so your visitors don’t get surprises.

Pro tip #3: Pick a product you believe in its quality.

If you have personal experience of it, that’ll be awesome.

Pro tip #1: It’s extremely important to look out for a product with a discount or coupon code. Pro tip #2: I highly recommend you to compare two products under the same niche.

Discount or coupon is one of the most powerful psychological triggers for people to take buying decisions. For instance, I used the same technique to promote Hostgator and Bluehost hosting services.

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