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In The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Dirk Schultheiss, Thomas R. Herrmann, and Udo Jonas suggest that the photographs are "probably the first medical photo-illustrations of a patient with intersex genitalia" and describe them as a "milestone in the history of sexual medicine".

In 1860, French photographer Nadar (real name Gaspard-Félix Tournachon) took a series of photographs, entitled Hermaphrodite, of a young intersex person, who had a male build and stature and who may have been female assigned, or self-identified as female.

These include two images that show the subject standing.

One captures a full length view, in which the subject is unclothed except for a pair of stockings and shoes.

In cases like this, the parents might make the decision to put their child through surgery to determine a physical gender, or they might opt to wait until the child is older and can decide for themselves which gender is dominant in their body and mind.

Below are some pictures to show what Hermaphrodite looks like in humans as well as art works based on it.

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