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This differs considerably from the dugout canoes of other cultures.These steep-sided canoes were made to be sailed, to be fast and efficient like a knife through the water.The gunwales, similarly, have been made of separate pieces and stitched on.The technique is pretty straightforward, though the details can get complicated: the pieces are shaped to fit together, holes are drilled, glue and caulk are applied, then the pieces are placed together and stitched. I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel Dig, the last canoe builder on Ulithi Atoll, Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia, while he was at work on a small fishing canoe.The easiest way to achieve this shape is to use a log that is not so big around and then to shape planks and other pieces to extend the height of the sides and perhaps the front.Here is a photo of a lovely Carolinian canoe at the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas (CNMI) Museum of History and Culture on Saipan.This pulls the stitches very tight while the glue hardens.Later these temporary stitches will be removed and replaced with something more permanent.

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You can see these finished seams a little lower on the boat where Daniel stitched pieces of wood together to make the hull—very attractive, tight, countersunk bindings.

In the case of my canoe, the hull is built entirely out of pieces stitched and glued together.

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