Quicken not updating vanguard

I recently was told my subscription need to be renewed with online Quicken to keep my software updated.Since I do not buy the software each year I want to not renew.All of my problems center around Quicken Bill Reminder, which no longer works.

There seems to be no one in the company who is listening to the customer experience. I got a message saying I should update for new security stuff blah blah blah. The new update has a wrong balance and will not sync properly with my bank. In JUNE 2019 they have updated the software twice (I have no idea why).

I am not kidding when I say I have been telling everyone not to buy this product.

So disgusted - and I have a lot of patience when it comes to software given I'm in the industry.

In all sincerity I have nothing good to say about this company. Literally every interaction with this product since new company took over has been painful...

I have used Quicken for more than 10 years, and over the past two years the experience has just gotten worse and worse.

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