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The mini games listed include Touch and Go, Mid-Air Refueling Practice and Carrier Touch & Go.

While it doesn't sound too exciting to me, I'm sure those of you that were fascinated by planes will be absolutely enthralled.

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No release date is know as of yet but you never know when a release will happen, as before DCEmu is the only place to get this news so if you see some faker posting that its gonna be released at such a time youll know its a lie.

Ace Combat fans will be excited by the new (highly promotional) preview of the upcoming PSP-exclusive Ace Combat X on IGN.

They reveal some of the features, such as the Medal System, Color Variation and Free Mission.

Google says that the main features of the new OS in terms of end users will be: * Speed: downloads, access the Internet, receive e-mail, etc.

* Integration with Internet services; * Reliability; * Ensuring security in the automatic mode; * Simplicity.

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