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He saw young people who were convinced they were Christians, but who showed so little evidence of salvation. There’s only one thing that gave me a sleepless night.They were taking comfort that they had prayed a prayer or they had responded to an altar call. There’s only one thing that troubled me all throughout the morning.What we will find, I think, is that the Lord uses sermons to save, stir, and edify his people–and that sometimes he does this through unexpected messages and messengers. Since the sermon went viral, all sorts of people have criticized him for being brash, for being harsh, maybe even being angry.

Now, this was the final straw, now the stage was set.There have been jokes and laughter, dancing and singing, games and props. And then, he’ll call on them to dedicate their lives to living out the great commission. Paul: There’s so much going on here this afternoon. And I’ll preach as though I will never preach again, and I will tell you things that you will misunderstand, and I will tell you things that make you so angry with me. How does your life stand in front of that blazing fire which is the Holiness of God? Beloved, precious young man, on that final day, will your confession hold true? Tim: Paul Washer’s sermon at the 2002 youth evangelism conference sent a shock wave around the world.Powerful preaching claims the authority of God by grounding itself in the Word of God.Washer leaves absolutely no doubt his message is God’s message.

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He told about being persecuted, about his salvation and about the hope that he had found in Jesus Christ.

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