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For this new English edition, however, I have not simply translated my earlier contributions on the topic but have in fact rewritten and reorganised them, excising the places where they overlapped and filling some gaps that had remained owing to a lack of time, inaccessibility of sources or simply my own ignorance. As a consequence, initially Estonian as a (peasant) language was not threatened.If anything has taught me that we never stop learning, it has been my involvement with Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald’s epic. Sprache und Sittlichkeit am Beispiel einer Episode aus dem estnischen Nationalepos. Essays on Old Germanic and Related Topics, Offered to Professor Tette Hofstra. The same holds for the southern neighbour of the Estonians, the Latvians, and in some respects a similar 1Wherever Estonia is mentioned in this book, it denotes the area where Estonian is spoken, so before 1918, for example, the correct terms would be Estonia and Northern Livonia.Two additional subseries were formed in 2002, Historica and Litteraria. In addition to its publishing activities, the Finnish Literature Society maintains research activities and infrastructures, an archive containing folklore and literary collections, a research library and promotes Finnish literature abroad. Phil., Finnish Literature Society, Finland Tero Norkola, Publishing Director, Finnish Literature Society, Finland Kati Romppanen, Secretary of the Board, Finnish Literature Society, Finland Editorial Office SKS P. Box 259 FI-00171 Helsinki Hasselblatt Kalevipoeg Studies The Creation and Reception of an Epic Finnish Literature Society • SKS • Helsinki Studia Fennica Folkloristica 21 The publication has undergone a peer review. Kreutzwald’s ample correspondence was published in six volumes between 19 (see KKV in the bibliography) and provides an extremely valuable source for Estonian cultural development in the nineteenth century.STUDIA FENNICA EDITORIAL BOARD Pasi Ihalainen, Professor, University of Jyväskylä, Finland Timo Kaartinen, Title of Docent, Lecturer, University of Helsinki, Finland Taru Nordlund, Title of Docent, Lecturer, University of Helsinki, Finland Riikka Rossi, Title of Docent, Researcher, University of Helsinki, Finland Katriina Siivonen, University Teacher, University of Helsinki, Finland Lotte Tarkka, Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland Tuomas M. The open access publication of this volume has received part funding via a Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation grant. Most of the texts in this Estonian edition, however, are translations from German.

No-one bothered me and I was the lucky owner of the complete Estonian epic translated into my mother tongue. (fourth chapter) Estnische Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung. This situation is well known to those familiar with Estonian cultural history, but nevertheless some key aspects of Estonian history should be mentioned here.

cornelius hasselblatt Kalevipoeg Studies The Creation and Reception of an Epic Studia Fennica Folkloristica THE FINNISH LITERATURE SOCIETY (SKS) was founded in 1831 and has, from the very beginning, engaged in publishing operations.

It nowadays publishes literature in the fields of ethnology and folkloristics, linguistics, literary research and cultural history.

The German Reception of the Kalevipoeg 74 First reviews 74 Wilhelm Schott’s treatise 78 Other reviews, minor studies and marginal notes 82 A new German translation 87 The twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century 92 A new German edition 95 6. The answer is that precisely owing to the enormous significance of the text within Estonian culture, the Kalevipoeg is constantly being reread, reshaped and reinterpreted by every new generation of Estonian readers, but also by every new generation of Estonian and international scholars.

German Rewritings of the Kalevipoeg 98 The advantage of the disadvantage 98 Israël’s book from 1873 99 Grosse’s book from 1875 102 A shortened prose version for children, 1894 104 Another anthroposophical voice 105 7. Folkloristic Metamorphosis in the Foreign Reception of the Kalevipoeg 107 Translations into other languages 107 The principle of self-correction 108 The transfer to literary reception 110 The case of Lou Goble 112 The case of Lou Goble, once more 116 8. Folkloristische Metamorphose bei der ausländischen Kalevipoeg-Rezeption. In Finno-Ugric Folklore, Myth and Cultural Identity. Therefore new treatments and reassessments are still to come.

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