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You may be hoping to find the perfect guy to settle down and build your family with (perhaps even marry).However, no matter your high hopes and expectations (understandable as they may be), it’s best to keep things slow and always be prepared to end the relationship if things just aren't working out.No matter whether you just want to have a little bit of fun, or you’re looking for a more serious relationship, read on to discover our advice for when you’re pregnant and want to date.Pregnant or not, finding dates can be a challenge for everyone.If things get serious and they are still around after the birth, he may have a part to play in your child’s life.

Dating and expecting a baby are two things which are far from incompatible.Whatever your situation (whether the biological father of the child is estranged or you have decided to have a baby alone with donor insemination), there's no need to worry.There are plenty of men who are more than happy to date expectant mothers.Of course, you can still look for matches on “classic” dating sites too if you prefer!You can also use social media, such as Facebook, to find dates.

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