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Deciding whether your photograph is a negative or a positive is not always as easy at it sounds.It was discovered that by putting a black backing behind a wet collodion negative it would become a positive.Various examples of tintypes are in the picture here. Again, you can use this to date your photograph which will allow you to narrow down the type of process it may be.

Also, some photographs are presented in a variety of ways. Monochrome can be black and white or warm tones such as brown, purple and blue. The variation in tone of monochrome prints from black and white to warm tones shows the method by which the photograph was made.

The basic tools that you need are an inexpensive Turn your photograph over and look at the back.

A lot of information was printed on the back of studio photographs such as the photographer's name, their studio and details of how to order prints.

I have tintypes in my collection which have been cased and presented like daguerreotypes, others that have been mounted onto card and others which have never been mounted. As a general rule of thumb, black and white prints are usually gelatine, whilst warm toned prints are usually; albumen prints, salt paper prints and cyanotypes. Paper fibres will be visible on albumen prints and platinum prints.

A small word of warning, the colour may never have been 'correct' due to poor processing at the time the photograph was made and the colour of photographs can change as the photographs age. Have a look at the surface characteristics of the photograph. Can you see through the magnifier whether the photograph is layered or not?

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To give you some examples; plastic based negatives should only be stored in paper enclosures never in plastic, the only way to preserve colour photographic processes is to freeze them, and cyanotypes should never be stored in buffered papers (if you're not sure what buffered means, you can read about it here).

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