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contact: [email protected] Karnkowska postdoc Ania started her postdoc in 2013, she focused on genomics of oxymonads and trimastix.

She left our team at the end of 2015 to continue her postdoc and later started her own lab in Warsaw.

contact: [email protected]řej Brzoň Ph D student Ondřej joined the team in 2013 and he focuses on the genomics and cell biology of Trimastix pyriformis.

contact: [email protected] Kubánková MSc student Aneta entered our lab in 2016 and she focuses on the study of morphological and molecular diveristy of prokaryotes associated with oxymonads.

His main goal are transfection of Monocercomonoides and knock-down of mitosome in Entamoeba histolytica.

contact: [email protected] Štěpánka Hrdá Ph D student Štěpánka started her Ph D in 2011, she focuses on the evolution of euglenid plastid genomes.

He was working on the origin(s) of the euglenid plastid as inferred from the transcriptome and the genome of a mixotrophic euglenophyte Rapaza viridis.

contact: [email protected]ěch Vacek Ph D student Vojta started his Ph D studies in 2011 and he focuses on the mitochondrial homologue and the synthesis of iron sulphur clusters in oxymonads.

contact: [email protected]áš Novák Ph D student Lukáš joined the team in 2009 and he focuses on genomics and the function of mitochondrial organelle in Trimastix pyriformis.

contact: [email protected] Lucia Hadariová postdoc Lucia joined the team in 2016 and focuses on the lipidomics of Euglena chloroplasts.

contact: [email protected] (Kevin) Fang postdoc Kevin joined the team in 2018.

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