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I had zero interest in the guys who actually liked me and were really good to me, and would become obsessed with the guys who were ambivalent about me or had commitment issues. Go on a date with a nice guy and eh, I wasn’t feeling it. (More on how I overcame that addiction in this article.) I needed to finally wake up and get it together.I started seeing an amazing therapist and really looking deeply into my faulty wiring.I was able to identify where it was coming from and the need that these emotionally unavailable guys were fulfilling within me, and once I got to that place of clarity, they completely lost all appeal to me!The point is, ending up in the same unhappy situations over and over is a sign that you need to look within, and you need to make a change.The first is it’s possible you’re only dating other guys as a distraction, or maybe to make your ex jealous.

For one thing, being that way will repel the kinds of guys you probably want, and for another, even if that Prince Charming does happen upon you, the relationship will get off to a troubled start. Because in that sort of situation, you’ll be relying on him to fill you with happiness, and this can cause you to act needy and desperate for his approval.You need to work through the difficult emotions and purge yourself of those negative feelings, otherwise, they will keep cycling through you, sabotaging your chances of finding love.You can’t live a satisfying life behind a wall, as comforting as a wall can be. If you are emotionally unavailable, you may unconsciously seek out guys who are emotionally available.that a relationship is that missing piece we need to complete our lives.It’s no wonder so many women focus on this so intently and think a relationship is all they need to make them happy.

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And with that, let’s take a look at the most glaring signs that you aren’t ready to be in a relationship.

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  1. From him checking his mobile messages from the dating site in front of me to being online I got that he was no longer interested and I was sorry we did not make the connection he was looking for.

  2. Although their relationship in real life was relatively short-lived, Keaton and Pfeiffer's spark is undeniable when watching Before any of that, though, there was Tobey Maguire's version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man - the geeky high-schooler trying to simultaneously save the city and impress his crush, Mary Jane Watson, played by Kirsten Dunst.