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The comedian Patton Oswalt, he told me "I think the worst part of the Cosby thing was the hypocrisy." And I disagree.

My apologies for just throwing you in the deep end, but it’s what Macdonald would want, what he still wants, what he has always wanted. “Over the last two decades, he has grown more devoted to the pure joke, even as comedy has turned away from it,” wrote Dan Brooks in .

And Macdonald himself has decried comedy’s turn toward satire, toward subversion for subversion’s sake, toward mere anecdote and personal history, toward the sort of hybrid deconstructions typified by Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix sensation modern-day philosophers.” Whereas Norm sees himself as a pure-comedy lifer, just a guy telling jokes, just a guy with a new Netflix enterprise that struggles mightily to scramble out from under the pitch-black cloud of his wayward efforts to promote it.

is sparse and loose to the point of total collapse.

(“Look at this shit,” Macdonald crows to Michael Keaton, offering him a beverage.) There is no audience save the mingling crew, which can sound like a dozen boisterous people when they’re delighted and several hundred dead-silent people when they’re ill at ease. It is a good sign when Eget is laughing a little; it is a very bad sign when he’s laughing uncontrollably. ” David Spade: “This is the most shabbily run operation.” (Also: “Is this gonna go down as a test show?

Interestingly the comedian who may be the most underpaid is The Peerless One, Chappelle. Bill, I would have reached out to you on DM but you don't follow me. Easily the greatest bar band of all time, Doug's independent streak meant the band was doomed in the US. if people only understood that I have never uttered anything in public that was not a punchline or a set-up (and that includes this), and that I have never shared a single thing I truly believe with a stranger, then they will know.

Kevin, I'm surprised at your reaction to the Chapelle Special. The correct answer is that it was incredibly funny, of course. As a matter of fact, that may be the problem, Pallie.

Juice, the total number of games won this season by The Kansas City Chiefs is 10.5. Seems like a no-brainer on the Over but am I missing something. But Tom was a great guy and a very generous spirit. You mentioned that you couldn't understand why Letterman likes me.

I was too late to play in PAD so I went over to Phil's Room at The Aria to say hi to good friend @phil_hellmuth and tell him my future bets. I almost never get bowled over but I was bowled over.

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's Norm Mac Donald, in which he played a complete jerk who gets caught cheating on his taxes and becomes a social worker for community service.

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